The Reluctant Outdoorsman

Outdoorsy, I am not. Sure, I enjoy a good day’s hike, followed by a hot bath and glass of wine. But truly, I am confident in saying that none of my friends would describe me as outdoorsy. And now I find myself part of an organization focused on spending time outside. Life is funny sometimes—I suppose I should start walking the walk.

Here’s the thing though; I don’t foresee any extended backpacking trips in my immediate future. Or any expeditions to exotic mountain ranges. And that’s okay. We can explore the outdoors in little ways everyday. Your favorite outdoor activities don’t have to be skill base or require expensive gear.  In fact, one of my favorite outdoor activities is dining al fresco. Anyone can eat outside, right?

How do you like to spend time outside on a day-to-day basis? How can the reluctant outdoorsman integrate more time outside in their day-to-day life?

Wildflowers in the neighborhood woods.  

Wildflowers in the neighborhood woods.

Lilly pads (real and lego) at Powell Gardens.  

Lilly pads (real and lego) at Powell Gardens.

Break time during a trail run.

Take A Hike: Mt. Helena at Helena City Park

Where:  In Helena, MT, just south of downtown and the Last Chance Gulch pedestrian mall.

Distance:  4 mile loop that leads to the summit (1,300 feet), winding back down the mountain on the Hogback and Prospector Shafts Trails, and then back to the parking lot.

See:  Wildflower filled meadows, pine forests, and rugged limestone outcroppings, a cave called the Devil’s Kitchen, inspiring views of the Helena Valley, including the Sleeping Giant land formation.

Other:  A popular trail!  Expect to see lots of friendly hikers, trail runners, and dogs enjoying the cool mountain air. Mountain bikes are also allowed.

 Nearby: Blackfoot River Brewing Company