About Paul and why we're here.

Paul Busch was a gifted athlete, a philosopher, and well-loved brother, son, and friend. He was an excellent fly fisherman, hiker, climber, and skier. A lover of nature, both the micro and macro view, he appreciated the commonality of natural elements, but perhaps more so the diversity of nature which makes all things unique. He loved the rocks, the trees, the rippling streams and cloud-dotted blue sky. He was also aware of the underlying force surrounding and uniting those elements. Paul was a graduate of Pleasant Hill High School in Missouri and a student at Montana State University.  He came to Montana as an AmeriCorps volunteer and stayed on with the Forest Service as a Wilderness ranger. After Paul's death in 2011, a group of family and friends came together to create an organization to honor Paul's memory.  In August of 2012, the Paul M. Busch Foundation for the Outdoors was born.  Working primarily in Missouri and Montana, our goal is to encourage people to interact with the natural environment around them in order to benefit their own health, but also to benefit the earth and natural systems which support us all.

Board Members

Steve Busch - President (MO)

Kerry McGhee - Vice-President (MO)

Anne Busch - Secretary (MO)

Dan McGhee - Treasurer (MO)

Ryan Walker (CO)

Lance Baker (MO)

Joy Young (MO)

Sadie Busch (MT)

Erin Burke-Webster (MT)

Devon Thomson (MT)